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My First Treatsie Unboxing! {February 2016}

treatsie february 2016 bubbly

We get makeup in subscriptions… some even get their ‘monthly’ products through the mail… so why not chocolate? Or to be more specific… why not amazingly mouth watering confections from startup and small batch companies? 😀 I’m dating a chocoholic, so I had to try out this box… if for no other reason than to promote reasons he wishes we already lived together.

About Treatsie: Treatsie is a $19.95 a month subscription that delivers artisan sweets and chocolates from small-batch confectioners across the country to your door. Each month is a curated box, but they do ask for your preferences in order to potentially eliminate things you absolutely wouldn’t try. Each box contains up to $25.00 in value, and features a minimum of 3 different confectioners, and the hot months/regions they package their treats with ice packs and insulation to keep them in good quality, and it just takes a quick email if your treats arrive in bad condition. They are currently continental US only.

treatsie box

New Subscriber Impressions: The Pink Bubbly bar and the Toffee… oh my god. Do you know how hard it is not to eat them all in seconds???? I promised to try to save some to share with my chocoholic (of the toffee at least)… the Moravian Cookies are the only thing that didn’t excite me. The value of this box is near or just below the subscription price, but there’s the added value of the element of surprise, and getting to try new things without searching far and wide for them, so I’m not actually upset about that. These costs also likely reflect the summer shipping cost when ice is necessary in every order.

treatsie february 2016 boys

Salem Baking Co. Moravian Cookies – Chocolate
2.75 oz tube of cookies
I have not actually tried these. I’m not big on plain chocolate cookies, so I intend to save them and share them with my guy on my next Florida trip. Reviews say they are basically the taste and texture of the dark part of an oreo cookie. This was the spoiler in the email for February’s Treatsie, and it came with a recipe for how to use this as the crust of a pie.
Rating: TBD
Retails For: $4.99
My Value: $2.59
Would I buy it? No, it just isn’t something for me.

treatsie february 2016 seattle

Seattle Chocolates Pink Bubbly Truffle Bar
1 – 2.5 oz bar
NOOOOOOOOO!?!?! This is only a V-Day special thing??? NOOOO!!!! But it’s so good!! This is very seriously one of the most delicious chocolates I’ve ever tasted. It bubbles and pops on your tongue when the POP ROCKS explode. The freeze dried bits of cherry in white chocolate melt on your tongue and enhance the popping… all wrapped up in dark chocolate… ohhh god that’s good. It’s so hard to make this last. But I don’t want to be out of it. THE SELF CONTROL! UGH!
Rating: 5/5
Retails For: $3.50
My Value: $3.50
Would I buy it? YES! A thousand times yes. Why is this seasonal?

Seattle Chocolates Just For You Truffle Bar
1 – 2.5 oz bar
This was pretty good, filled with drizzles of sea salt caramel. I’ve only got one piece left of this. It’s delicious, but shareable, nor hoardeable (for me anyway). It’s one of the yummier caramel chocolates I’ve had, but I’m more into fruity stuff and that Pink Bubbly bar spoiled me senseless.
Rating: 4/5
Retails For: $3.50
My Value: $2.39
Would I buy it? As a gift yes, for myself – other flavors from them.

Shotwell Candy Co. Tennessee Toffee
2.5 oz bag
Ohh wow. Wow wow wow. I opened this knowing I could only taste a bite because it’s being saved for with the boyfriend… It’s this thick, decadent layer of toffee with hints of that barrel aged bourbon, layered with bits of pecan, and another nice THICK layer of chocolate with relatively big shattered pieces of sea salt… it MELTS on your tongue. Whether that’s because it’s just so perfect, or because you don’t want to stop tasting it an you’re just so in awe of the taste that you don’t chew… I don’t know. There is not a single thing I could suggest to make this toffee better.
Rating: 5/5
Retails For: $5.95
My Value: $4.99
Would I buy it? Hello Christmas gift, have we met? I know exactly who you’re going to.

treatsie february 2016

Box Summary

Box Rating: 4.5
Total Retail Value: $17.94
Total Personal Value: $13.47
Opinion: The original month to month pricing is a little much for me, BUT, with any of the deals (I got this box for $4.95 – just the shipping, and my next ones end up being around $14.75 each due to the Presidents Day sale), it becomes really worth it and a nice indulgence. I don’t mind (much) the value being just below what they want to charge for the box, because it’s probably the only way I’d find some of these treats, and if I ordered them online, I’d have to pay shipping too. These treats allow me a little calorie splurge in moderation, and keep me from doing bigger splurges that can Wreck my nutrition tracking. I very Very happily have this box for 3 more months at least, and I can see this being a long term subscription once I live with said chocoholic – I already told him he can do the reviews then.

You HAVE to try this if you love sweets (especially chocolate). It’s even in moderate portion sizes so you can’t binge “too” much. Try one of the codes below for a deal: *I’d love it if you’d use my links!*

FRBUCO01 – double the sweets in your first box!
FIRSTBOX60 – 60% off your first box (expires 2/27)
NEWMEMBER – 25% off monthly subscription
SAVE10 – $10 off your first box (expires 3/3)
PDS30 – 30% off quarterly subscriptions (Presidents Day Sale, may be expired)
EXTRASWEETS – $15 of mystery sweets in your 1st box (unknown expiration)
FREEBOX22 – get your first box for just $4.95 shipping (unknown expiration)

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