My First Lip Monthly Unboxing! {February 2016}


About Lip Monthly: Lip Monthly is a $12.95/month subscription bag focusing on lip products. Each month you will receive 3-4 lip products, as well as a non-lip product, in deluxe samples or full size products with a guaranteed value of $35-$55 in each bag. The products are mailed in an envelope, and are packed into a Lip Monthly mini/travel makeup bag. They ship later in the month and have a variety of boutique to drugstore brands. If you’re a lippie lover, you can try them out here for just $5.00 by using the code LIPLOVER.

New Subscriber Impressions: It’s pretty neat. One of the big experiments I wanted to work on was seeing myself (and getting used to myself) in different lip colors and types of products, so this is a bag I’m happy to try. The bag smells a little… okay a lot… bad. Like melted plastic. But there’s no damage to it. Maybe I’ll attack it with some perfume later. As long as there’s at least one product I love, and at least one more I’ll use or that was fun to try in each bag, I’ll be pretty happy. With the LIPLOVER deal, my bags are averaging at $9.73 per bag for cost for my 4 month subscription, so that’s the value this has to beat!

First out of the bag is…


NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Snowcone
This is a really pretty shade that’s almost natural to my lip color, just slightly more bronzey and muted. I like the way it looks, and it has about average lasting on the lips. It’s good through basic drinking from a bottle or cup, but if you eat something carby or greasy, it’s coming off those lips. Is that why models starve themselves? Because reapplying lipstick is a b*tch? A little better than average. I like that it’s close enough to my lip color that as it wears off it doesn’t look too ridiculous, and it’s pretty build-able.
Rating: 3.5/5
Sample Value: $1.99
My Value: $1.99
Will I buy it? Nah. It’s not an NYC product that impressed me.
Full Size Price: $1.99

Seraphine Vegan Berry Lip Tint

Seraphine Vegan Berry Tint in Cherry Cream
This stuff goes on and it stays on DAMN well. If you wipe off the inner part of your lip, it’ll even stick pretty well to that, just let it dry down a bit before closing your mouth. It’s layerable without feeling dry, and except for that fleshy inner lip area it was absolutely transfer proof when kissing the back of my hand. HOWEVER, if you are lazy and it’s the only makeup you have on and you fall asleep without removing it… you WILL wake up looking like The Joker. Also if you swatch it on your arm it might be there a while. Even after scrubbing there was a bit of a stain for a day.
Rating: 4.5/5
Sample Value: $18.00
My Value: $5.99
Will I buy it? I’d look for more Seraphine products to try out.
Full Size Price: $18.00

Prim Botanicals & Seraphine

Prim Botanicals Lip & Cheek Glow
This product is so confusing. Because it’s $22.00. Yep you read that right, and it’s just this little sheer lip and cheek duo. It feels like little kid makeup. I get that it’s like vegan and cruelty free and stuff… maybe I’m missing something? I totally don’t understand the price point on this AT, ALL. It doesn’t perform like something I’d pay $22.00 for. But I’m also a cheapskate. So take that as what you will.
Rating: 3/5
Sample Value: $22.00
My Value: $2.50
Will I buy it? Nope.
Full Size Price: $22.00

Harvey Prince Organics Sincerely Body Creme
SAMPLE = 0.5 oz tube
Harvey Prince is voted in Reddit’s (and every other makeup forums) top 5 products you want to STOP seeing in beauty boxes. The only other Harvey Prince product I received is a sea salt mist that didn’t work for me, but this? Oh yuck. Not a fan. It smells so old lady-ish to me that it’s an actual sensual turnoff.
Rating: 1.5/5
Sample Value: $1.00
My Value: $0.00
Will I buy it? No.
Full Size Price: $24.00

Bag Summary

Box Rating: 3
Full Size Products: 3 Deluxe Samples: 1 Foils: 0
Total Sample Value: $42.99
Total Personal Value: $10.48
+ Added Value: $1.00 makeup bag
= Total Box Value = $11.48
Opinion: I love the Seraphine, and I’ll use the other lip products. I’m on neutral ground. I’m okay with being set up to receive 3 more bags and see what else they have to bring.The card they include with the products seems really… unprofessionally thrown together. Maybe that comes from being a designer. I’m torn between whether this makeup bag seems to be aimed for 14-17 year olds, or the 40+ crowd, based on my first bag. Their social media seems dated from what they link to on their website, but the actual products were pretty nice scores, and the retail value of the bag was well within their guaranteed value. I feel like I’m missing the appeal of the lip & cheek glow? Maybe it’s just not a product for me. Due to the uncustomized state of the bag as it is now, I definitely think a full opinion needs to come from more than one month of bags, so I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next month. If you’d like to figure out what comes in the next bag for yourself, you can sign-up here!

Do you subscribe to Lip Monthly? Have you before? What’s your experience? I’d love to know what you guys have experienced or any reasoning why you did or didn’t subscribe.

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4 thoughts on “My First Lip Monthly Unboxing! {February 2016}

    1. I think Birchbox is my favorite, between the variety and points system. Ipsy and this are the ones that are borderline for me. I’ve yet to decide what type of lip products I like, it’s obnoxiously hard to find anything that stays on through eating so you could go on a date and not end up looking crazy and it just didn’t feel like I was getting lipsticks from anywhere else to try.

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