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PinchMe Sample Choice Day! & Unboxing

If you haven’t heard of PinchMe, it’s a website entirely devoted to freebies. Once a month, there is a Sample Day, where at 12pm EST PinchMe launches their new samples for the month and you can choose aΒ 3-4 samples that will be mailed to you, with the agreement that you will fill out a bit of information in a review about them later.

pinchme january 2016

On January’s sample day, I was able to choose the Olay body wash, ZzzQuil Sleep Aid, and Dentastix, with truvia as a bonus sample.

I already know that I love truvia. Olay body wash went straight into the downstairs (family) shower/bath, ZzzQuil isn’t something I use, so it also went to that bathroom, and Dentastix…

Well the dogs had their own review. Our large, irritating dog ate his portion immediately. Our chubby dog, who you’d think would eat anything, would NOT eat it. She tried it, and spit it out. I trust her opinion more.

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8 thoughts on “PinchMe Sample Choice Day! & Unboxing

    1. It’s basically a way to follow blogs across any format (blogger, WordPress, etc) all in one place without having to get email alerts for every blog. It can also be a nice way to discover new blogs since it will show you similar ones. And don’t worry luv, it’s not annoying πŸ™‚ I’m just learning it all too.

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    1. I’ve received 3 boxes from them of samples. There’s really no downside or catch to it, just fill out a short review form of your reaction (i think it’s within a 3 month window) to remain eligible for the next month, and if there’s remaining samples you can get more than one box in a month. There Hasn’t been anything super exciting while I’ve used it, but it’s a nice little extra to see in the mail and new stuff to try πŸ™‚

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