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AcneFree 3 Day Skin Detox: RESULTS

(This is a little late, because my internet has been hell lately;
all pictures were taken within the 3 day detox challenge, promise!)

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Last weekend, I decided to take on a skin detox to try out the AcneFree system I purchased in a frustrated attempt to get my recent breakouts under control. For 3 days (Saturday – Monday), I used no products except for the AcneFree Cleanser, Toner, & Repair Lotion, along with My Favorite Night Balm (a little Birchbox reward that I wanted to test out).

These are my results:
(yep, no editing, no makeup, just flat on ‘I hate my skin’ pics of my problem area)

Left: Day 1 – Middle: Day 2 – Right: Day 3

Its not magic. It says you can start seeing results in 1-3 days, and I would say that it’s an accurate statement. Overnight (say 12-ish hours from first use) Much of the reddening almost bruise like acne was gone from near my mouth. There was a little redness left, but no texture. Also (not pictured) some budding acne on the apple of my cheek disappeared overnight.

I will admit that in the 3rd picture, the blemish just below my chin is darkened not because of the treatment, but because I was a dumb*ss and picked at it when it felt flaky and was healing. I did not have any negative reaction to it, except that between using this without a moisturizer, and sleeping in a room where the space heater is aimed at my face, I did notice dry cheeks.

The Cleanser: Not a harsh smell, no beads or irritants for me. Comfortable to scrub on for longer, and if you steam open your pores first it does a good job at whisking away the blackheads developing as well. If you don’t steam them open, it Can make them more noticeable, as you may be able to tell in the results above.

The Toner: This is UNBELIEVABLY gentle. The only time it stung me at all was when it got into the open blemish I had stupidly picked at. The smell is not harsh and it doesn’t leave your face feeling tight like some I’ve used in the past. Definitely a fan of it and prefer it to the toners I’ve used before.

The Repair Lotion: I like the concept of repair lotions, and I was in love with the Avon one from forever ago (they now have a new one). This one I didn’t notice any magic on its own with the pre-formed blemishes, but in the regimen I feel like it locks in the acne treating elements so that my makeup can’t get into it, and I believe this is what tackled those ‘just starting’ spots overnight.

After the detox, I am still using this product twice a day as directed. I am still noticing improvements, and it works better for me when combining it into my normal regimen. I would highly recommend using it with a moisturizer after it’s locked in just in case.

If you can’t resist putting on makeup every day, I would recommend this because it does seem to keep working throughout the day as it claims, even (and maybe especially?) locked under makeup. Both from my experience and other reviews I’ve seen and read online separate from the company, I do think that I will continue to see results with this kit long term and that it will keep acne away once it’s gone.

BUT if you have stubborn blemishes that won’t go away, and you’re looking for overnight results. This probably isn’t for you. E.L.F’s zit zapping concealer might be though. One day results and amazing coverage. Got it just after finishing this detox. Full review to come later.

Rating: 4/5 for my needs.
Cost: ~$18.87
Where To Purchase: Amazon
NOTE: They do also have a severe version of the kit available for the same price. Their sensitive skin kit is currently $10.00 more. I have not tested either of these variations. These are available through the drop down menu on Amazon on their product page.

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