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The Beauty Box Blogger Checklist

It’s that time of the month when beauty bloggers all across the states are about to be inundated with the various boxes, bags, and product samples that are the life of the beauty-box-addict. This got me thinking about the elements of a box review that I need to remember, and that I’ve noticed positively on other blogs that I enjoy reading.

So without further ado, here’s my ‘checklist’ for the absent minded, overly-excited girly girl that comes out when these boxes magically appear in the mailbox.

Upon Receiving Box:

  1. Photo of the box. (outer view)
  2. Photo of box contents. (arranged in box when possible)
    1. For lesser known subscriptions: include box logo if possible.
    2. Arrange all products with product name and branding visible.
    3. Balanced arrangement of items based on size, color, and textures.
  3. Detail shots of any products not easily visible/understandable.
  4. Swatches of color based makeup products. (with packaging if needed)

Before Review:

  1. Note all product size in oz. (or count, for things like gloves, nail wraps, etc)
  2. Note # of full sized, deluxe sample, foil samples, and bonus items.
  3. Note all discounts, points/rewards, freebies, and coupons in box.
  4. Test all products in the box: (note details of benefits, scents, texture, & results)
    1. Give full, normal-day application test.
    2. Give products quality test based on descriptors. (long-wear, waterproof, etc.)
    3. Demonstrate any benefits of the product that can be represented in photos.
    4. Take pictures of product application before and after quality test for analysis.
    5. Experiment with tips that fix any potential problems with the products use.
    6. Determine how much you would have comfortably paid for this product without feeling disappointed, over-charged, or wasteful. (aka: personal value)
  5. Research Each Product Price:
    1. Confirm or find out full-sized product retail price from provider.
    2. Confirm or find out full-sized product size in oz.
    3. If sample sized:
      1. Divide full-sized price by oz for price-per-oz.
      2. Multiply price-per-oz by sample size for value of product.
  6. Add up total retail value of each sample to determine box value.
  7. Add up total personal value of each sample to determine overall personal value.
  8. Add up total of discounts, points/rewards, and coupons included in box.

I track all of the product features possible in a set of spreadsheets. This is saved in one document with a color-coded by subscription box list of every product I’ve received, with other tabs/spreadsheets for when the box shipped vs when it’s available, overall value vs price paid, sample sizes included, and any products I give away. For me, that makes it a lot easier to tell where I’m at with what I need to test and what’s already done enough to go on the blog.

In The Post:

  1. Explain the box including:
    1. Subscription Price(s).
    2. Number, sizes, and type of products included in average box.
    3. Any bonus benefits of subscription. (points system, discounts, etc)
    4. Why you like it. (if not first month of service)
    5. Who the subscription is a good fit for.
    6. Any currently available discounts.
    7. Referral link for sign-ups.
    8. Link to any additional boxes
    9. New Subscriber Impressions. (for first review of any subscription service)
  2. What’s Inside:
    1. Each Product:
      1. Any useful photos of product or swatches.
      2. {Brand} {Product} {Variance}
      3. {SAMPLE or FULL SIZE} = {size in oz} {package type}
      4. {Description of product, experience, and results}
      5. Rating: {1-5}
      6. Sample Value: {based on retailers price per oz}
      7. My Value: {personal value determined after usage tests}
      8. Will I buy it?: {reasoning why or why not}
      9. {Retailer Name} Price: {full size retail price for product}
  3. Evaluation of Box
    1. Total Sample Value: {price-per-oz sample value of all products added up}
    2. Full Size Products: {#}, Deluxe Samples: {#}, Foils: {#}
    3. Total Personal Value: {price willing to purchase each product at, added up}
    4. + Added Value: {points system value}, {coupon value}, {discounts/freebies}
    5. = Total Box Value: {total personal value + added value}
    6. Opinion: {overall opinion of box received based on expected value}
  4. Potential Branding & Links
    1. Link to all past reviews of that box through tag/category.
    2. Blog Name / Signature
    3. All Social Media Links: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.
  5. Organize:
    1. Categorize.
    2. Tag with subscription related tags.
    3. Tag with product/variance related tags.

Before You Publish:

  • Check for typos. Then double check: Take yourself seriously or nobody else will.
  • Make sure all formatting is consistent.
  • Test each link to make sure they are accurate.
  • Make sure it makes sense to someone else, not just your weirdo brain.

After The Post:

(yep that’s right, job’s not done after you post)

  • Share to relevant social media sites.
  • Review post to make sure nothing looks weird once it’s published.
  • Triple check links & promotional offers if relevant.

Hopefully some of my lovely beauty blogger friends will be able to relate to this. If you think of anything that I missed that you consider an important part of a beauty box review, I’d love to hear it! 😀

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