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january product log
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What I learned from being a beauty blogger in my first month:

#1: If something helps your skin, you might not know what it was.


This is unbelievably frustrating. I woke up one morning, looked at my skin, and my blackheads were almost gone. The problem? I tried five new skincare products the night before. GAHHH!!!!! Whatever I’m still using is keeping them gone, but I’d really have liked to know. Though I did surmise a bit of an idea of what did what for me that night.

#2: Even my makeup experiments aren’t safe from my OCD tendencies.

Did you see that color coded list? Yeah. That’s on a spreadsheet with 6 other tabs, all dedicated to the products and boxes. All color coded, and that’s not even all of the columns on that spreadsheet. BUT, I will know what I have to use up and when I got things. So that’s something?

#3: Some products are perfect, but not for you. And that’s when you pawn them off on people.

For instance I gave away my January Ipsy makeup bag, along with all 3 hairsprays I’ve amassed so far, and one of my extra Eyeko’s, to my aunt today, and my Whish lotion ended up in the happy hands of my mother.

#4: Some days, the pile of stuff you need to try seems overwhelming AF.

screenshot_2016-01-31-21-14-4911.jpgAnd that was the day that immediately after the photo… 2 more boxes of stuff came. In the long run this is quite amazing and fun and I’m still having things I need to work on finishing even in my foil packets while we round off January, but WHAT THE F DO WE TRY FIRST??? SO MANY DECISIONSSS.

and #5: The worst thing that can happen is everyone else laughs with you.

My first makeup look was a zombie. Specifically, inspired by Liv Moore. More on that in a few days, but do you know how hard it is not to giggle while you look like the undead??

What’s your best #BeautyBloggerProblem?

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