January Throwaways

I didn’t have a lot of empties for January, but I did have a decent amount of throwaways, even after my cleanout at the end of the year.

A rough overview of what went away, and why:

Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleanser Mask
This was almost empty, but it also just never really did that much for me. It’s something I purchased because the other Clean & Clear items have always been amazing for acne problems and my skin in general, but this just didn’t do it, and since I now have a new acne mask, it was time to go.

ELF Bronzer Trio
It’s a few years old, probably quite expired, and I’ve maybe used it 3 times. Because I have a few new products I’m using as a bronzer, even though they aren’t intended to be one, this could cheerfully go. I did like how it worked, but since I wanted it as a contour it was a little warm for me too. Obviously.

Eyelash Curler
I have no idea what brand. I guarantee you I got it from Walmart or the Dollar Tree. I used it twice. I just don’t bother with it enough to have one.

Wet & Wild Waterproof Eyeliner in Black
I’m a clutz with a pencil sharpener and it’s too messy to bother with sharpening something when I have other things I can use on my waterline and now I’m more into a pop of color.

2 Wet & Wild Lipsticks  (in various reds)
These never set on me well. I got them for taking artsy photos and themes, as well as for Halloween, and long term they just aren’t something I enjoy using. Since I now have a TonyTint and another red coming in a formula I think I’ll love, these can go.

[Eyeliner] Pencil Sharpener Duos
I had four of these. I only need one, although I actually didn’t keep anything right now that I think needs them. I guess I always lost them and maybe had a spare for in the car or on the rare trips I take?

Avon Makeup Compact Palette
I have no idea how old this is, probably at least 3 years. It was in colors I liked, but I just never reached for it, and I have two 120 palettes so there’s no need to have a mini palette I don’t use.

Avon Makeup Remover (unsure exact details)
My mom gave this to me forever ago, I did use it a lot, but it’s not something I particularly like, and it went 3 years without being used. Whoops.

Avon Powdered Foundation (unsure exact details)
First things first: The date on the bottom of this was 2007. I was using it on and off, I’d go a few years without touching it and then use it again. Awful for my skin I’m sure but I don’t like the dewy look. It was also about 3 shades too dark from me from the day I tried it, I just never really replaced it. Now I have a translucent powder and that is GONEEE.

Other Items:
A random purple eyeliner that I think maybe was Avon that mom gave me, two dollar store eyeshadow trios, a vanilla bean scented body spray

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