6 Lessons Learned in the Neverending Weight Loss Journey

As January wraps up, it’s time to reflect on how my plans went for the month, and plan out the next month.

This month has been a little frustrating, because I’m not sure how accurate my current scale is at home, and I’m not into running to the doctors office just to weigh in. I do however have a new scale coming on Tuesday that will measure weight, body fat and others, so I guess my official weigh in will be that day.

As of the past 3 days, the scale said I was down 16.4 lbs for this year… as of today it says more like 6. Either way I consider this an accomplishment and improvement. But it’s very frustrating not to know which one. The new scale will be the official weigh in that I use and work from as soon as it comes. But this month let me experiment with things that work for me, and what factors motivate me.

#1: Eat like you have to show it all:

Who is the person in your life that you want to do good for more than anyone else? Your significant other? Your family? Your best friend? Your kids? Yourself? Imagine that everything you eat today is piled onto the table to be reviewed at the end of the day. If you would feel ashamed for them, or you, to see it in that pile, don’t eat it. It’s not worth it.

#2: The scale is just a guideline:

It’s so overused by now to say that the numbers don’t matter. They really do, because they can indicate other things, and sometimes the shock value helps you. I’m numbers motivated, and that means that I want to see improvement. My actual final weight doesn’t matter to me. There are indicators in my body visually that I would like to see, and I would like to get 5-10 pounds past where I am comfortable with my body so that when my weight fluctuates a little up and down I can still be comfortable and happy.

#3: Long term happiness > temporary satisfaction:

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” except I don’t want to be skinny. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s not an identity I ever hope to reach, and after feeling voluptuous and like ‘BAM’ with my curves, even overweight, I would feel almost insulted to be called skinny. Ok, not almost. It’s NOT an identity I want. Just like tan is just a no no. But that icecream, that second helping of pasta… what good is it really doing you? If you’re still hungry, fruit and veggies are great options to fill up. Eat them first if you want to end with the better tastes or fruit-up that dessert plate instead of that brownie. It’s not worth eating it today if it hurts your body for your tomorrows.

#4: Go as fast or a slow as works for you but don’t ever stop:

Sometimes we need a break. Maybe you can’t handle counting calories. Maybe you get injured and can’t work out like you want to. But don’t stop. Change it up. Hurt your ankle (like I do on an almost weekly basis…)? Upper body workouts and stretches that don’t damage it. Messed up your back? Work on your arms, legs, and eating better. There’s adjustments you can make.

#5: Fitness is only boring if you make it that way:

Life is an everchanging constantly twisting game of Tetris working to fit everything in without leaving parts of yourself forgotten, empty, or overflowing. Your workout and overall fitness plan should be the same. What works for me is choosing a focus or challenge that I’ll work on that day or that week and having a variety to look forward to, because a real grown up routine of doing the same thing every day sounds beyond boring.

and #6: Fitness works when it is integrated:

I need my workout to be in my face, entwined in the rest of my routine: Wake up, take vitamins, weigh-in, start squats, write out my daily to do list, have my morning call with my babe on his way to work. When things fit in smoothly for me, and they’re as effortless as possible, they’re a lot easier to follow through with than to skip.

Which leads me into my February plan:

  • I will lose 8 lbs in February, from my weigh-in on Tuesday with the new scale.
  • I will drink a minimum of 80 ounces of water every day, aiming for 100.
  • I will do 10 squats every morning in my routine, and add more when I can.
  • I will do 5 minutes daily on the elliptical as physical therapy for my ankle.
  • I will do a dance or cardio workout one time per week.
  • I will do a strength training workout one time per week.
  • I will track steps using my phone Pedometer app, continuing my Walk To Rivendell.
  • I will use The Fabulous to follow my morning routines for:
    • Skincare.
    • My Level 10 Life Routine
      • Quiet Time during wakeup.
      • Write out goals in the David Allen method.
      • 10 squats.
      • Read from productivity book OR work in Your Best Year.
      • Draw out layout & create daily to-do list in BuJo.
    • Vitamins, Supplements, & Weigh-In.
  • I will use SparkPeople.com and their app daily for:
    • Weight tracking 3x+ per week.
    • Participating in the 21 Day New Member Challenge (started 1/28)
    • SparkCoach motivation and reminders on why I am doing this.
  • I will waist-train at least 3 days per week, using one of my corsets or waist-trainer.
  • I will use my Bullet Journal daily for:
    • A gratitude journal.
    • A habit log.
    • A challenge log.
    • A daily to do list.
    • Notes about the day.
    • Doodle-A-Day themes.
    • Workout result notes.
    • Milestones in: Health, Fitness, Blog, Instagram, Self-Esteem, Projects, Etc.
  • I will use my SugarPaper planner for:
    • Themed days.
    • Project timelines.
    • Delivery expectation dates (and actual dates).
    • Blog post planning.
    • Workout plan.
    • Weekly to do list.
    • Weekly focus.
    • Waiting on/expecting list.
    • Appointments & planning in advance.
  • I will participate in the February #PlanWithMeChallenge daily on Instagram.
  • I will listen to a podcast on motivation or productivity 1 time per week.
  • I will read 5 books, at least 3 that count towards my 2016 Reading Challenge.
  • I will continue my 365 Project: Year 2.
  • I will continue my selfie-a-day project for self esteem: Year 1.
  • I will meal plan for the first week of February and see if it is more effective for me to plan in advance vs. tracking the calories I choose to eat on that given day.

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