2015: A Year In Pictures

In 2015 I started and completed my first 365 photo project. Yep, one photo, every day, all year. These are some of the highlights of the photos and memories that made up my year.

2015 day old chickies
We got the CUTEST little day old chicks ever.
2015 nappychicks
The cutest, shyest, sleepiest chicks, and one needed a bath, so of course it was a bubblebath. And one of our dogs decided she was the mama.
2015 baby chickies
And we watched them grow up and get adorable little markings and personalities.
2015 chicken bed
And got them ADDICTED to socialization, well… some of them.
2015 cranky chickies
But can you see that look of jealousy that I’m holding her sister? And our second batch of babies seemed interested in making a rap video, the only appropriate caption is ‘dat ass tho’
2015 most socialized chick ever
And Cordon Bleu, the chick that complained at being set down and felt the need to cuddle TO MY FACE at all times when picked up. And didn’t like my shows.
9-8-2015 Nostalgic.jpeg
And we swam in our river, and it looked this gorgeous.
2015 new family
I got Danbo for a month long photography project, that extended into him being part of our little family with Max and I, since he didn’t want the pictures to stop.
2015 orlando
And we went to MegaCon in Orlando. My very first Convention, with the man of my dreams.
2015 two boys
And then we got Danbo a friend, his little brother Clark. And they made fast friends.
2015 doctor who
And we all celebrated National Fish Fingers and Custard Day by going in an adventure in the TARDIS.
2015 supes
And then I got a bigger one, and I painted him, and gave him to my babe for our 2 year anniversary. His name is Supes, and he’s the cutest alien ever.
2015 adi
And then my amazing boyfriend surprised me with the cutest little Adipose (a character from Doctor Who, made from fat in an alien weight loss scheme). But he missed him and debated about getting another one. So I got him a stress toy version for at his desk for when he deals with obnoxious people on the phone all day. 🙂
2015 pheasants
We raised 100 baby pheasants; and one crawled down my shirt. That was the ONLY time. Long story short, they aren’t nearly as sociable as chickens. I stopped trying after a week :(.
2015 bullet journal 1
I discovered Bullet Journaling, and it changed my life and made me so much more productive, happy, and focused; and gave me a creative outlet every day.
2015 bullet journal 2
I love being able to note everything I’ll need to remember in a simple book to review later, and doodling and practicing handwriting on the pages.
2015 mongos
We went to Mongo’s in St. Cloud where you can build your own bowls including seasonings and it was AH-MAZING. For under $10.00?? YES.
I tried the most Delicious. Burger. Ever. It’s everything horrible for you between two buns, including 2 giant molten cheese curds. It took me 3 meals to eat all of this burger.
9-14-2015 Outstanding
I started sketching again freehand.
9-1-2015 With Help
We rescued 2 baby birds when my moms dog ripped their nest down; they didn’t make it, but we gave them a better chance and kept them from getting eaten.
The boys were little sneaks when it came to making Halloween cupcakes. Caught them orange handed! (and green mouthed)
We made so many treats, alcoholic and non, for Halloween. It was a blast.


2015 in hair
My hair went from it’s natural red with pink tips, to blonde for a few days, to a multicolored mess of cute, to maroon, and finally my cherry cola color (in more recent pictures).
2015 tardis
The boys and I started a scrapbook for their Daddy, and my mom gave me a TARDIS journal for my birthday that will be used to track my adventures with my favorite man.
2015 konmari method
In December I discovered and started the Konmari Method; tackling my clothes down from an overwhelming and obnoxious amount of things I didn’t wear, to things that I love, and a few options that I can feel good in depending on my next job environment.
We took the boys to see their first movie in theaters; The Good Dinosaur, for my birthday.
Since it was the boys first Christmas, even though their ‘father’ is Jewish, we planned a bunch of Christmas activities to get in the holiday spirit. (He definitely enjoyed seeing)
2015  first christmas
We had so much fun; dressing up as Santa with fruit, wrapping presents, decorating the tree. Danbo got chocolate coal in his stocking for being our little rebel, and Clark got a sugar high on sugar cookie cotton candy on Christmas morning.
2015 cookies
Our boys were great helpers and made adorable Christmas cookies.
We built a badass gingerbread box house for the boys. Actual scale to a New York apartment.
12-31-2015 (6)
And finally on New Years Eve, my mom and I made a ton of sugar cookies that we’d baked earlier in the month. Mine tended to be a lot of Doctor Who themes.

Looking back over a year of pictures is one of the most incredible things I’ve been able to do. Even if choosing the memories and best pictures artistically is unbelievably hard for my photographer side. This will be my second 365 Project, and I’m already having a blast.

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