Skip the Ipsy Wait: for 48 hours only

So you might know I wasn’t super pumped about my first Ipsy bag, but that didn’t actually stop me from this. Yep. Signed up for a second one for a month or two. And I let the boyfriend answer the questions for me (apparently I’m 18 now) to see if I can get completely different bags.

I’m actually pretty sure that means since January was a flop for me, that February won’t be, and that’s the bag you’ll get if you sign up and skip the waitlist.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying out Ipsy nows the chance to get in on it for the next month without the social media sharing or following channels you may not want to. I’d love it if you used my link, it hooks you up with 100 points for your account as well!

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6 thoughts on “Skip the Ipsy Wait: for 48 hours only

  1. My first bag was a flop too! If you take the review and rate your items on the website or app Ipsy will do a better job at providing you with better products. I’ve been doing it since my first bag and now I’m almost a year in and it has made such a difference in my products.

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    1. I rated everything and reviewed it 🙂 the issue is it’s products that in theory I’d like, just the quality on the makeup items was more like drugstore discount. So I still have hope that I’ll just get better brands or that warmer weather won’t mess with formulas as much as my negative 20*F


      1. Oh yeah I feel you!! Well I hope your bags get better! And that negative must suck!!!! AGH!! Good luck! Have you ever thought about any other subscriptions? I was looking at Glossybox or birchbox but havent made that commitment yet.

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