Birchbox Freebies! (20GIFT)

So about a month ago in mid-December, Birchbox had 20GIFT: 20% off an annual gift subscription, and a free gift for you. It also paired where you could get one of the Mystery Packs for spending over $35.

The gift finally came, and I’m REALLY impressed with what I got.

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The Freebies!

I’m now the proud owner of THREE of the infamous Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliners. Yep. Three. My first one I got in the Customer Favorites box as my welcome box on my gift subscription, the second one I chose as my sample choice in January (because I was getting the other two samples in my curated box), and the third one came as a complete freebie/extra for my 20GIFT. Pretty badass considering they retail for $16.00 each and I’m currently using them as my sole liquid eyeliner, top lids erry day people. Which means my winging skills are gonna be killer soon.

I also got the infamous to me, Smashbox 24 Hour Foundation Primer. Even the sample is worth $9.00!!!! SO COOL. It makes my skin feel matte and protected and just like my skin can handle ANYTHING. It seems hella expensive to me for a full bottle at $36.00… but holy hell I might have to actually get that, especially if I can swing a sale. That stuff is heavy duty but feels so gentle to my skin.

I literally just told someone the day before this came that I was so jealous of the Benefit They’re Real! Tinted [Eyelash] Primer. And then I got a sample. It looks so good on. I very rarely like my lashes to be brown instead of black, but it’s especially great for now that I’m trying out bolder lips, and it makes my lashes look fake if I layer on my everyday mascara over it. This is definitely going in my travel bag, and being used already. The sample alone is worth $9.00, and you can pick up a deluxe mini for $12.00, or the full size for $24.00.

I got another Marcelle BB Cream in Golden Glow. I had my first sample of this from my Complexion Perfection Sampler (gotten totally free thanks to the points I earned from actually purchasing my gift subscription), and while I’m not into the golden/bronze look all over my face since I’m embracing my 1800s pale skin, The BB cream actually works nicely as a light bronzer for me to contour with, and I don’t mind the freebie valued at $4.20 with the full size at $27.00, though with these two tubes I’ll probably never need another bronzer again.

The last thing in my giftbag of freebies was the Marcelle Mini Waterproof Eyeliner in Indigo. I’d first gotten a mini waterproof liner from Marcelle in my first Mystery pack, and it was so pretty and went on so smooth that I got the full travel pack of 4 mini eyeliners and a carrying case with the rest of my points/coupon. It’s my go to lower lashline product. So I actually have this exact product/size/color, but I’ll be completely using them up I’m sure! It was my second favorite color out of the pack (the true favorite being the one I’d received as a sample, so I already have double of that, YES!), and if you divide up the Travel Pack price that it’s available in (sells for $18.00), each mini eyeliner is worth $4.50.

Need a recap on all that?


Sampe Value & Ratings

Sample of Smashbox Photo Finish 24 Hour Foundation Primer = $9.00 (5 stars)
Sample of Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Tinted Primer = $9.00 (5 stars)
Sample of Marcelle BB Cream in Golden Glow = $4.20 (3 stars)
Marcelle Mini Waterproof Eyeliner in Indigo = $4.50 (5 stars)
Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner = $16.00 (5 stars)
= Total 20GIFT Freebie Value $42.70

I was blown away by these samples. It was all things I was happy to try or more than happy to receive another of. I will use up every single freebie, and it’s way more than I expected. I’d have been happy with 2 of these, but I was over the moon excited when I got this pack.

For anyone interested in the math…

So I paid $88.00 for my year subscription of 12 boxes.

Minus $6.00 credit per month ($6.00 x 12 months = $72) = $16.00

Minus $6.42 value for original mystery duo I received = $9.58

Minus $8.80 credit in points immediately earned for purchasing = $0.78

Minus $42.70 in samples just in this gift = -$41.92

Not including any value of the samples in the actual boxes I receive. Already destined to be a profit.

At the end of the year, I will be doing an overall post of all of the value I received from the gift subscription purchase, gifts, and boxes. I keep a detailed set of spreadsheets to track the value, rating, and other details for each product and each subscription. I will also post the summary data for my secondary subscription for every month that I keep it active. If there is any specific information you would like to see tracked over a year, let me know and I’ll add it to my spreadsheets.

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