Target Renewal Beauty Box {January 2016}

Time for my first of two Target box renewals this month (aka: today)!

About Target’s Beauty Boxes: Target is NOT a subscription box. It is a beauty box available on Target’s site what seems to be semi monthly. The prices for their boxes seem to vary between $5.00 to $10.00 each, and they give you a full listing of the products inside each box, as well an estimation of the total retail value of the samples included. They do seem to sell out extremely fast when they are launched.

This month they released two boxes: Refresh, and Renewal. I picked up both boxes for $7.00 each, and this review is for the Renewal themed beauty box.

First Impressions: I knew what was coming in the box, and it was really fun opening a COMPLETELY full box. Other boxes like Birchbox aren’t often very full, even if I love the samples, so this was a fun switch up, even if it’s mostly cheapie brands.

Now for the products.

Everything but the mascara, aren’t they such good helpers?

Caress Love Forever Body Wash
SAMPLE = 1.8 oz bottle
I really like this body wash, I tend to switch up my body wash often based on what I’m in the mood for, and typically have 2-3 open at a time. It felt good on my skin, lathered up well with my bath sponge, and left my skin feeling clean without any residue.
Rating: 4.5
Sample Value: $0.53
My Value: $0.50
Would I buy it? From time to time
Target Price: $3.99

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer
SAMPLE = 2 oz tube
One of the best things about this moisturizer is not having to wipe or rinse it off. It’s the ultimate lazy girl lotion, and if I can rush out of the shower once I’m bored with it and not deal with lotion all over my hands, I’m a happy girl. No sticky icky feelings after, and even sleeping in front of a heater my skin feels soft and smooth.
Rating: 5
Sample Value: $1.40
My Value: $1.50
Would I buy it? Yes.
Target Price: $6.99

ATTITUDE 2-in-1 Shampoo
SAMPLE = 1 oz packet
I’m not too fond of body wash / shampoo mixes, because typically they cause me to get breakouts in random places, but this one felt like it stripped away chemical residue in my hair and left my body feeling sleek and soft while it was wet. The scent is gentle and unobtrusive, I can’t comment too much on it because I received two shampoo types instead of a shampoo and conditioner, and I don’t want to give or take away credit based on what the conditioner I used did for my hair. The sample size is nice and enough for 2 uses with thick shoulder length hair.
Rating: 4
Sample Value: $0.67
My Value: $0.50
Would I buy it? Unsure without testing them alongside their conditioner.
Target Price: $7.99

ATTITUDE Volume & Shine Shampoo
SAMPLE = 1 oz packet
I actually ended up letting my hair dry a good bit without conditioning after using this shampoo, and it did feel both more voluminous and hydrated, without getting poofy or frizzy. I prefer this to the 2-in-1 sample I received of the same brand, the lather is super fun and very easy to get your hair onto your head in hairstyles like you’re a littlie playing in the bath again. I had a mowhawk for a bit there, let’s be real. This sample was enough for 2-3 thorough washes of thick shoulder length hair.
Rating: 4.5
Sample Value: $0.67
My Value: $0.50
Would I buy it? Unsure without testing them alongside their conditioner.
Target Price: $7.99

Laneige BB Cushion (3 Color + Puff Sampler)
SAMPLE = 0.21 oz (divided between 3 colors)
No. No no no no no no no no no. Even the lightest color looked like a bronzer on me. I didn’t bother putting it on my face because it looks like a hellova lot of effort with that little poof. The back of my hand was enough. I’m sure a lot of people love it, but if I receive this sample again it’s being given away immediately.
Rating: 0
Sample Value: $6.30
My Value: $0.00
Would I buy it? There is no way in hell.
Target Price: $34.00

Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara
What evil demented person decided this was a good brush idea!?! Maybe it works for some people but it seems obnoxious as all fuck to me. Yeah I’m gonna take this tiny itty bitty little brush and stab it around near my eyes a thousand times to get coverage. My lashes looked clumped like something got stuck in them and dried and I slept on it for a week. Life is too short for bullshit mascara.
Rating: 0
Sample Value: $8.99
My Value: $0.00
Would I buy it? Oh hellllllllllllll no.
Online Price: $8.99 (at time of review, this was not on

Scrunci No Slip Grip Braided Headband
1 FULL SIZE Headband
Went on as soon as I got it, stayed on while I then remembered to take pictures… so that I had to take them again later with the headband when I remembered it was on and not in the photos! It’s easily the most comfortable headband I’ve ever worn. Doesn’t slip, doesn’t pinch my head, looks cute as hell. This will be an absolute staple for me on all plane trips to keep my hair out of my eyes and save me from the wet hair problems of trips to Florida to see my man. Mine’s in black and that makes it perfect for just about any day.
Rating: 5
Sample Value: $5.99
My Value: $5.00
Would I buy it? Yes! But hopefully for a while I’ll just have to not lose it.
Target Price: $5.99

Hada Labo Tokyo Anti-Aging Facial Mask
SAMPLE = 1 mask
Ok guys I have a problem. My problem is I’ve been trying so many different masks, and my Birchbox peels and cleansers the past few days, that I’m not sure if this is what did it, or the two new cleansers I tried, or just using toner more. My blackheads are almost entirely gone, my pores are still bigger than I’d like but empty. And that means the problem is: IF this is what did it, I don’t know how to feel.

This mask smelled a little weird. Not super unpleasant, but compared to my TonyMoly masks, mud mask, and the cucumber sheet mask from Birchbox… this wasn’t as good of an experience. It made my skin feel like it was sticky while it was drying, but then later after I’d toweled off from the bath my skin felt smooth and fine. It also made me feel like immediately after it, the redness around any current blemishes or facial imperfections was much worse. But if it IS what cleared out my pores… I don’t know!!! I’d be more likely to assume that the peelings and cleansers just eventually got everything out though.
Rating: 3 for experience
Sample Value: $3.74
My Value: $1.50
Would I buy it? I doubt it.
Target Price: $14.99 for 4

Degree Women’s Fresh Energy Dry Spray
Welllll I think I’m inept at spray on deodorants, because I somehow tasted this in the air after following the instructions? But it works fabulously. I’m not sure if I believe it’s really a 48 hour spray, but 24 hours it seemed perfect. Unobtrusive smell, I disagree with the directions to spray from 6″ though as 4″ seems to work better for me.
Rating: 4.5
Sample Value: $4.99
My Value: $4.99
Would I buy it? Potentially. I’m not a fan of invisible solids and the white ones bother me if I’m wearing dark clothes.
Target Price: $4.99

Overall Value

Total Sample Value: $33.79
Total Personal Value: $14.49
+ Additional Value: $3.00 off $15.00 beauty product purchase at Target
= Box Value: $17.49
Opinion: I’m very happy with this box. It let me try new products, and even with the complete bust samples I got more than my value.

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