Target Refresh Beauty Box {January 2016}


About Target’s Beauty Boxes: Target is NOT a subscription box. It is a beauty box available on Target’s site what seems to be semi monthly. The prices for their boxes seem to vary between $5.00 to $10.00 each, and they give you a full listing of the products inside each box, as well an estimation of the total retail value of the samples included. They do seem to sell out extremely fast when they are launched.

This month they released two boxes: Refresh, and Renewal. I picked up both boxes for $7.00 each, and this review is for the Refresh themed beauty box.

First Impressions: I was really excited for this box because I received a small packet of the NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion in the mail a few weeks ago and had been about to purchase it when I saw that I could get it as well as these samples for just a few bucks more, I WAS hoping that sample would be full size, but there’s more than enough to last me a while and I’m very happy with the box.

ACURE Day Cream
SAMPLE = 1 oz
I’m instantly amused because this is made in the same town I fly to when it’s time to see my man, but it smells so good, and it feels so silky on your skin. I actually use this entirely backwards and put it on my face at night because I like just enjoying the smell while I’m falling asleep and letting it absorb into my skin all night. It seems very high quality, it hasn’t caused breakouts, and I’m happy to put it on every day (night).
Sample Value: $9.70
My Value: $4.50
Would I buy it? It’s a little pricey to pay full price for to me, but I might grab one if I can find a deal or if I don’t keep getting face cream samples.
Target Price: $16.99

John Freida Frizz Ease Keraflex Hair Spray
I’m not a big fan of hair sprays, but this one isn’t bad. Quick mist to a ponytail and a hand over the top and hair looks sleek and shiny. I do feel like I need to wash it out the next day
Sample Value: $8.99
My Value: $1.50
Would I buy it? Maybe
Target Price: $8.99

NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion
SAMPLE = 2.7 oz
I lovee NIVEA’s In-Shower Body Lotion. It makes my skin feel beyond silky and it just feels lightweight and so moisturizing. The best time to moisturize is within a minute after getting out of a bath, so this is so very perfect. Even with thinking this might be full size in the Target box and it ended up being a sample, I’m so happy that this was in the box. Especially since so many people get dried out and don’t remember to moisturize in the winter, myself included.
Sample Value: $1.19
My Value: $1.50
Would I buy it? Definitely. Especially since I still have a $2.00 off coupon.
Target Price: $5.99

NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Pads
SAMPLE = pkg of 5 pads
So this is kinda cool but I’m not exactly sure what they’re supposed to do? Exfoliate your skin chemically? My skin felt a little sensitive after this, not harmed, but sensitive, and I’m not sure if I can see a difference enough yet. Kinda smells like fruit loops, so that’s cool. But I’ll have to test this one longer before I can give a review that I can stand behind.
Sample Value: $1.08
My Value: $1.00
Would I buy it? TBD
Target Price: $12.99

Scrunci Braided Elastic Bands
FULL SIZE = pkg of 2
Cute little braided hairbands, they don’t slip, they don’t feel like they’ll break anytime soon. One pink and one black. Pretty basic but pretty cute and highly functional. 
Sample Value: $0.96
My Value: $0.96
Would I buy it? Potentially, but I keep getting hairbands free so… not yet.
Target Price: $0.96

Simple Millecar Wipes
Gentle, soothing, easy to scrub makeup wipes. It took off eye makeup pretty well, including waterproof liners and mascaras, I did notice some residual makeup on my face that came off when I used toner, but I’d also had quite a bit of makeup on. I’m pleased with the results it gave for the days I’m just not up to scrubbing, or for before a cleanser.
Sample Value: $6.99
My Value: $4.75
Would I buy it? These are the best makeup wipes I’ve tried, if I continue to use them in my routine I would purchase them.
Target Price: $6.99

MARLOWE No. 002 Extra Moisturizing Lotion
SAMPLE = 1 oz
Very moisturizing as per the name. Not a strong smell, it’s nice for layering but I am really picky with my lotions. I’m using this as a hand cream as the sample is convenient to place next to the bed. 
Sample Value: $0.66
My Value: $0.50
Would I buy it? Likely not, it’s a nice lotion but not my favorite.
Target Price: $9.99

Clear Total Men Scalp Therapy 2in1 Anti-Dandruff
SAMPLE 1.7 = oz
Not bad. Yes I did try a men’s product. With winter skin drying out, I figured I could use some anti-dandruff. It did help with the issues I was having, and it left my hair feeling pretty good. Despite being for men, it wasn’t one of the toxic manly smells with colognes. 
Sample Value: $0.72
My Value: $0.50
Would I buy it? Probably not. Just cause I’ll try a men’s product doesn’t mean I want to buy it.
Target Price: $5.49

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Conditioner
SAMPLE = 1.7 oz
Not bad. Not super impressive. A little frustrating that this sample was from a different ‘line’ from the same company than the shampoo/conditioner duo sample that I received. Hair felt healthy after, but my hair is kind of hearty in that few things really mess it up.
Sample Value: $0.67
My Value: $0.50
Would I buy it? Prolly not.
Target Price: $3.89

Final Thoughts

Total Sample Value: $30.96
Total Personal Value: $15.71
+ Added Value: $3.00 off $15.00 beauty product purchase at Target.
= Total Box Value: $18.71
Opinion: This was a pretty good box. It’s interesting knowing what you’re getting before you decide to purchase it, as well as the overall value. A different experience entirely than knowing you’re paying x dollars and being excited for either the box to show up or the preview online to be available. There’s nothing in this box that I won’t use.

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