Birchbox Korean Beauty {January 2016}

It’s Birchbox time! I wasn’t sure about the lemony lime color of this box but it’s actually pretty cute, and I love everything I’ve tried from this box!

About Birchbox: Birchbox is a $10/month subscription box filled with 4-6 beauty & cosmetics samples every month, delivered to your door in an adorable and reusable box. You will primarily receive deluxe samples with a few full size products every month or two. Your samples are moderately tailored to your beauty profile, and you can earn back $6.00 of your subscription cost in store credit every month by sharing your bag to social media (Facebook or Twitter) through the Birchbox website or app, and reviewing your items on the site.

Birchbox is currently unique in having the option each month to choose 1 of your samples from a selection, choose the curated box, OR leave your box random.

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Onto the box!!!


RE:P Bio Fresh Mask with Real Calming Herb
SAMPLE = 0.7 oz tube
If you’re looking for a soft mask that won’t make you feel tight, dried, or overly moisturized… this is it. I applied it very very light and saw awesome effects my first time wearing it. It looks like my blackheads/pores, minimized! They’re by no means gone, but what it looked like was that the surface layers got loosened and that while I washed it away, the little mean tips washed down the sink. It might Only work on the surface layers though, because using it again the next day, I saw no further improvement, still, very nice effect. It left my skin unbelievably touchably soft and it felt like it took away all of my oiliness without drying me out. It softens harder blemishes, and it seemed to zap an incoming zit down to nothing in just those 5 minutes. The sample size is amazing and it seems like I’ll easily 16-20 uses (face only, thin to see-through layers). The smell is a little… strange. Not bad. But strange. It smells like green tea and basil and rosemary and the clean clay smell. Better than a chemical smell! But I didn’t know what to expect the first time.

Update 2/25/16: I’ve used this around 16 times with plenty left. I have to update my rating to 5 stars, because this mask is so moisturizing and keeps my pores so clear.
Rating: 4.5/5 5/5
Sample Value: $6.30
My Value: $5.00
Would I buy it? Update 5/6: I purchased this with my Birchbox points. It’s definitely my holy grail mask.
Birchbox Price: $41.00

IPKN Flash Cream Radiant Primer
SAMPLE = 0.24 oz tube
All I’d done was eye primers (wow this post really is going to be full of firsts isn’t it? But wait kids! there’s more!). So I was a little hesitant about adjusting my lazy girl routine to add in another step. But… my concealer stayed on all day. And it stayed on well enough that I wouldn’t have needed to wear foundation (I know, I tested, I sent a selfie with just the concealer and got the thumbs up from my man). It felt sketchy as hell putting it on and my face was all shiny feeling like the opposite of the point, but it was nice feeling secured that my makeup would last on my face longer than I’m used to. Between that and the beauty blender, my phone screen didn’t even get makeup smears.
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $4.97
My Value: $3.50
Would I buy it? It’s coming in my other box this month as well, so I won’t need to for quite a while, even if I learn that primer will be a daily thing for me.
Birchbox Price: $28.00

3 Layers of TonyMoly Delight Tony Tint

TONYMOLY Delight Tony Tint
SAMPLE = 0.1 oz gloss
This was my first lip stain, and I really like it. It’s not perfect (I’ll explain that in a sec), but it layers beautifully so you can decide if you want a pretty bright pink, or a vivid red. The scent is light, a little fruity, but not strong. It can feel a little tacky at first but it dries fast. WARNING: If you smear this on your arm… you will actually need to use soap/makeup remover/something made for it, to get it off. And you’ll maybe have to answer questions about what you did to your arm until that point in time… It does seem to stick well to that inner lip pout (that %#@^ had me so frustrated last week…) that I’ve never been able to get covered with cheap lipsticks, and it stayed on perfectly through lip biting, drinking from a glass or bottle, and what took it off (and made it imperfect) just around that inner pout, was eating. Or maybe I just eat wrong? Someone tell me you feel my pain! It’s not a big deal to reapply, but that’s where it can’t quite make 5 stars for this lazy girl.
Rating: 4.5/5
Sample Value: $2.16
My Value: $2.00
Would I buy it? I can definitely see myself buying this.
Birchbox Price: $6.00

Mandatory First Sheet Mask Selfie

Manefit Beauty Planner Cucumber Soothing + Moisturizing Mask
SAMPLE = 1 mask
Sooo I expected to feel like I was wearing a serial killer mask, and what actually happened was I spent ~20 minutes trying not to channel Cassandra and say “MOISTURIZE ME!!!” while the mask was on my face. It felt really nice. I didn’t put it in the fridge like some people recommend because this is Minnesota and I’m already FREAKING COLD. It was my first sheet mask. I feel very hydrated, my skin feels very smooth after suffering from a few breakouts over the past few weeks… I didn’t notice any magic besides the hydration that I expected from a mask literally doused in moisturizing serum. It’s a nice experience. I don’t know how it compares to other sheet masks, but it works great on sensitive skin, no irritation over breakouts during or after. *NOTE: Have since tried other sheet masks, about average in performance, good for dry skin.
Rating: 3/5
Sample Value: $2.00
My Value: $2.00
Would I buy it? No, I’ll be experimenting for a while with different sheet & blackhead masks.
Birchbox Price: $10.00 for 5 masks

Waterest First Essence
SAMPLE = 0.2 oz bottle
This moisturizer feels really good on sensitive skin, and is very gentle over acne treatments and other dried out areas. It soaks in very nicely and gives a smooth finish. The smell isn’t bad nor good, but smells like gentle herbs and teas, whereas my preference is fruity. While the sample feels very small, you do get many uses out of it. I’d estimate about 1 & 1/2 to 2 weeks of uses if you’re just using it on your face.
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $1.20
My Value: $1.00
Would I buy it? It’s a nice product, but not where I’ll splurge.
Birchbox Price: $30.00

Goodal Yerba Mate Bubble Peeling
BONUS FOIL = 0.16 oz foil
THE GRAMMAR THO! Bubble Peeling. I know it’s Korean so it’s likely a translation but ehhhh, even the description on the front of the packet. “A light, mild bubble peeling that exfoliates dead skin cells and refines pores creating.” PORES CREATING WHAT?? You don’t just magically regenerate new pores every night! (Pretty sure on that… maybe. Shh.)

So… this bubbles. And foams. I couldn’t feel it bubbling so much on my skin, but it got foamy and it bubbled up into my nose. So that was fun. Try not sneezing when you’re worried something will chemically peel off your face. But it didn’t! It was very very gentle on my skin, when I wiped it off I could feel a layer of air, I’m not sure if maybe I should have left it on longer? My skin felt a bit smoother and a blemish that was scabbed up a little softened quite a bit. Beyond that I saw no improvement in pores or skin texture. 
Rating: 4/5
Sample Value: $3.30
My Value: $0.75
Would I buy it? It just didn’t do enough for me to tell. I’d love to hear if anyone saw more results than this for people that are more experienced with ‘peelings’
Birchbox Price: $33.00

Goodal Yerba Mate Cleansing Foam
BONUS FOIL = 0.16 oz foil
You get about what it says, it looks like you rubbed shaving cream all over your face, but I did feel squeaky clean on the surface of my skin. It was gentle and soothing, but it didn’t do anything special for my skin. I don’t have any issues with dryness for it to conquer.
Rating: 3.5/5
Sample Value: $0.66
My Value: $0.25
Would I buy it? I prefer an acne treating cleanser.
Birchbox Price: $20.00

Box Rating: 3.9 4
Full Size Products:
0 Deluxe Samples: 5 Foils: 2
Total Sample Value: 
Total Personal Value: $14.00
+ Added Value: 70 points = $7.00
= Box Value: $21.00
Opinion: I was really pleased with this box. It was fun getting to try all the different K-beauty products, and I LOVE the gentleness of the RE:P mask.

If you got the Korean Beauty box, what was your favorite? And did anyone have better luck with that Bubble Peeling than I did? 🙂

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