Lessons in Beauty

I threw out all my makeup!

Well, maybe not all, but about 3 Walmart sized bags of makeup and hair products, or about 95% of my collection, for reference.


First? Some of it’s expired. I can’t say that I’m a stickler for expiration dates on makeup (I may still be using an acne product that stopped selling in 2012…) I don’t buy beauty products that often, or I lost things and then found them again, so things move past their expiration date, and that’s probably one of the reasons my skin has acted up for the past few months since I started wearing makeup more regularly.

Second? I bought products I just didn’t like. I didn’t know what I liked, so I bought cheap products because I’m not going to buy something expensive to experiment with, which yes, sometimes you get what you pay for, and a $1 lipstick will make you feel like you look cheap and tacky. Sooo you don’t wear it! I threw out every single lip color that I had before my first Birchbox last month. I kept ChapSticks, but everything else? GONE. Clean slate.

Third? It’s just too much. I wasn’t using it, I didn’t like it, that’s why it was old, and when you have too much product that you aren’t even sure about, you never use it, and it just becomes a mess you have to dig through to get to what you’re looking for.

This year I’m living more minimally. I’ve started a few minimalism and organization projects (let me know if you’re interested in posts about those projects), and getting rid of everything I don’t enjoy is my #1 priority right now. Organized space, organized mind, productive life. Sounds preachy? But I feel so much better when there isn’t so much… crap, around.

I want to experiment. I want to enjoy playing with makeup, and not feel committed to this collection of junk I’ve amassed.

So I threw out my makeup, I kept less than 20 items, and I couldn’t be happier. Now it’s even more exciting to receive the subscription boxes of samples knowing that I’ll use them up and keep my product drawer ever-changing, non-expired, and fun to play with. *cough and full of mostly free stuff cough*

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2 thoughts on “I threw out all my makeup!

  1. I threw out most of my makeup out last summer! I was the same way..I didn’t know what I liked, so I bought low quality stuff to experiment with. Most of it was used once, then thrown in a drawer & never used again. It felt SO good to get rid of all the stuff I never used (although it didn’t feel good knowing that I had spent a good amount of money buying the makeup in the first place).
    I, too, am trying to live minimally this year. I’ve loved the results so far! I’d love to see your minimalist project if you get the chance to post them!

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    1. Definitely! I’m already feeling way better the more stuff I’m able to get rid of. But yeah, the only easy part about throwing it away and not feeling wasteful was at least most of it was expired!! 🙂


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