December Birchbox Haul!

(Psst. You’ll be seeing a December Birchbox review next week when I get my second box! Since I’ve got two accounts from the start, you’ll get a month by month comparison.)

So this week I used my points on Birchbox from purchasing an annual subscription for my second account, along with my review and box sharing points to get some almost free goodies!

I needed to spend $2 to get 2 more points and get an even 200, or $20 credit in the Birchbox world, so I picked up a little pack of makeup wipes for $2.49, with a free shipping code. I was then able to use my $10 off $35 purchase code from my first December box to get $78.00 worth or products and samples for $8.00.


The makeup wipes are actually pretty good, they seem to take off things like BB Cream and foundation in a swipe or two, and waterproof mascaras/eyeliners in around 6-7 swipes with very gentle pressure. I snapped a pic of the eyeliner evidence at 4 swipes, pictured below.


My $8.00 order contained the Complexion Perfection Sampler (sells for $20, valued products inside for $50), and the Marcelle Travel Eyeliner Kit (sells for $18), with a mystery pack thrown in for free for my ‘purchase’ of over $35 from their lovely Bonus shop.


The Complexion Perfection Sampler came a little dented, but the products inside of course were fine. It had a full size Beauty Blender valued at the $20 for the kit by itself. I’m not sure I could ever pay $20 for a sponge, but since trying it… it’s damn good. So maybe. But I’m cheap. So getting it free is fine with me. It also contained a full size The Beauty Crop Lightning Crew Highlighting Cream that sells for $18 (I also got this in my first Birchbox, but I’ll totally use up both! Though on me it looks like a combination highlighter and blush due to my chronic paleness), as well as samples of the W3LL People Bio Brightener Invisible Powder, Benefit The POREfessional Face Primer, and Marcelle’s BB Cream in Golden Glow (which looks like I could use it as a bronzer or contour cream!)


*Note: I’m not sure on the specific sample values beyond the full size product, the $50 kit value is based on the Birchbox listing for the kit.


Overall totally worth it for $20. I’ll purchase it again in the future if I need another beauty blender or lightning cream!

marcelle travel eyeliner kit

But I’m in LOVE with my Marcelle Travel Eyeliners. They came in a gorgeous little kit bag exclusive to Birchbox that also has two free slots for a mascara and an additional tube or tool. It’s a great way to test their colors (Mulberry, Indigo, Electric Blue, and Blue Lagoon). I’d gotten Blue Lagoon as a freebie in my mystery pack for originally purchasing that year ‘gift’ subscription for myself, and I loved the look so much I knew I’d be buying more. In my logic, my $8 went for $2 per mini liner and the rest was free. That’s totally awesome!

And then there’s the freebies!


Which made my guy laugh at me. Because I got a lipstick and a hand cream that feels expensive. But the lipstick? While it’s in a gorgeous bright pinky peachy orange, a LAQA & Co. Cheeky Lip Tint is called Cray-Cray. I’m constantly on him and anyone for saying Cray Cray. And I got a lipstick color in it… and I’m wearing it today. Damn him! He wins now!! Based on the Charm School kit that Birchbox sells with this color in it, this is around $6.66 for one.

The hand cream felt very supple, but the scent was a little too perfumed and artificial for me, so it became a gift to an aunt. Based on the price of the full size product, this sample was valued at around $5.14.

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