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Basically Free Birchbox???

So today only, there’s been a 20% a year’s gift subscription at Birchbox!

That takes their normally $10 a month subscription, down from their $110 yearly deal of one month free when buying a year, to $88.

Pretty nice right? Your subscription went down to equal $7.33/month.

But it actually gets better. When you review each of your products through Birchbox, you can earn $5 back by reviewing each of the 5 products in your box. $7.33 minus $5 credit = $2.33 per month for a box of 5 samples. That’s definitely worth your value, right? Awesome deal. But it still gets better.

By buying the subscription, you get 88 points, that’s equal to $8.80 credit in the store. Now your FULL YEAR of Birchbox is just $19.16. About $1.59 a month, without counting ANY value of the samples within the box, and that’s the whole reason for buying, right?

Well if you add in their free mystery sample pack from the bonus store for spending $35 or more, valued at $10, it’s now $9.16. For a year.

You also get a free sample pack for being the one to buy the gift subscription. So let’s call that a $10 value like their other sample pack.

You just got this subscription, FOR FREE.

Not enough? You can earn another 10 points, translating to $1 in the store, for sharing each of your boxes on Facebook or Twitter. $12 credit total for the year.

Plus the value of the products in every box, plus potential gift card codes in some of the boxes throughout the year. I peeked, my first box looks Amazing, and I’m unbelievably excited to get the mail early next week!

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