Deal Alert

Bath & Body Works Holiday Raid

Today was a shopping day. I don’t DO shopping days… except online. I can binge buy online no problem. But stores? Ehhhh.

BUT, mom talked me into a mall day, and that means some Bath & Body Works, on sale through the holidays for Buy 3 Get 3 Free.

With each of us getting 3, and paying for 1.5, it actually turned out to be a half decent deal, and that’s before I opened them.

MY GOD. I’m not a lotion person, I’m really not. But these scents? YUM.

I came home with all 3 of mine in body lotion/cream form: Merry Berry Christmas, Fresh Sparkling Snow, and Cozy Sunday Morning.

Cozy Sunday Morning (Body Lotion) I had almost paid full price for a few weeks back when I stopped in before and getting it on sale for basically half of the normal $12.50 pricing? I’m more than okay with that lotion for $6.25.

It smells like soft chamomile and bergamot (translation for the inept: tea with orange) according to the bottle, and the experience is like snuggling up in a warm comfy sweater with a cup of tea and a good book. It’s an unobtrusive scent and soaks in quickly enough that within a minute or two I feel comfortable handling even my overly expensive Moleskine journals. It’s highly likely to be my daily go-to for the winter months. (especially under fuzzy socks at bedtime!)

Fresh Sparkling Snow (Body Cream) I hadn’t smelled before, but it was instantly one I wanted to keep experiencing. It goes on almost like butter and makes your skin feel almost like it’s glimmering. It’s not full of glitter, actually it doesn’t have any, but it damn sure makes you feel like in the right light you’ll sparkle (hence the name, duh). Popping open the bottle is like having a breeze of fresh, brisk air with touches of melon, pear and other fruity goodness blow across your face among the snowflakes. Yet somehow I think I might be using this one more towards the end of winter when Minnesota can’t quite make up it’s mind about whether it’s spring yet. (spoiler, Minnesota doesn’t have Spring, just “holy f*ck it’s cold” and “hey wanna go to the lake?”… ok and sometimes a few days of “oh hey so this is what fall looks like!”) $13.00 normally, so basically $6.50 with their holiday sale if you get two like products.

And then… there’s Merry Berry Christmas  (Body Cream). This smells like all of the fruits of holidays. Although the description doesn’t say it, I get hints of cranberries among the holly berries and orange zest that it claims (it also says red velvet vodka… yeah I could see that) This one feels completely Christmassy, but in a warm winter cheer, boozey fruit, non-pine-filled way. My only problem with it is I’m not quite sure I can pull myself away from my Cozy Sunday Morning lotion to put this on. Maybe closer to Christmas?? (My matching body cream, $13.00 normally, scored it for $6.50!)

Overall it’s a pretty good deal. Especially if you’re like me and you can collect lotions from gifts or cheapskate purchases and never use them. Actually spending a bit (even the sale left it with a value commitment in purchasing for me) will make sure I put these to use over this upcoming dry skin holiday season.

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